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Arsenal FC Bar Towel 14100403 7.99
Barnsley Brewery Bar Towel 13030602 7.99
Bass Ale Wetstop Runner 10910071 34.99
Bishops Finger Bar Towel 15021506 7.99  
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Black Bush Irish Whiskey Bar Towel 14100401 7.99
British Pub Beer Mat Assortment 13022001 5.99  
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Carlsberg Bar Towel 13092001 7.99
Chelsea FC Bar Towel 14100501 7.99
Daleside Brewery Waiter Tray 14022202 14.99
Drunken Duck Bar Towel 14102802 7.99
Eden Bitter Waiter Tray 14100506 14.99
England Flag Mini Bar Set 10510134 19.99
Fuggles Strong Ale Bar Towel 5101302 7.99
Guinness Wetstop Runner 14022201 24.99
Harp Irish Lager Bar Towel 10203292 7.99
Ireland Flag Bar Towel 15021601 7.99
Ireland Flag Mini Bar Set 13030101 19.99
Jameson Bar Towel 15021505 7.99  
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John Bull Bitter Bar Towel 14022105 7.99
John Smith's Bitter Mini Bar Set 14100505 19.99
John Smiths Bitter Bar Towel 15021405 7.99
John Smiths Bitter Drip Tray 10081801 14.99
John Smiths Bitter Wetstop Runner 10910073 29.99
Johnnie Walker Whisky Waiter Tray 13092103 14.99  
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